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therapeutic technologies for longevity and survival


 Increasing human longevity and survival by reversing cellular damage and countering apoptosis



 Trocar Pharma and its scientists have created a tissue-targeted, platform technology focused on allowing humans to survive in the harsh environment of outer space while simultaneously utilizing these same technologies to increase human longevity on Earth. 

Trocar's platform technology uniquely targets intercellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) with in vivo studies confirming the efficacy of our therapeutics in regenerating stem cells and increasing life span.

With over 50% of all deaths attributable to inflammation-related diseases and the overproduction of ROS leading to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, our platform technology has a myriad of use cases.


Trocar's three-prong therapeutic strategy is focused on:


1. Radiation mitigation & protection (on Earth & outside LEO)

2. Oncology

3. Chronic and degenerative diseases


DoD & NIAID sponsored studies
University partnerships
Proprietary small molecule therapeutics
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Milton L. Brown, MD, PhD, FNAI

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

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  • Experience: Former tenured  professor at UVA and Georgetown; former director and founder of Georgetown’s Center for Drug Discovery; former deputy director Inova Schar Cancer Center

  • Expertise: 25+ years of drug discovery, National Academy of Inventors

  • Education: MD (Univ. of Virginia),
    PhD (Univ. of Alabama)

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Donald “Skip” Trump, MD, FACP

Clinical Development & Oncology

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  • Experience: Retired, executive director and CEO of the Inova Schar Cancer Institute; retired president of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Expertise: 40+ years of practicing clinical oncology

  • Education: MD (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)

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Damian Dolland

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  • Experience: COO for the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Client Strategy Group; former Managing Director - Investment Banking at JP Morgan; founder of the Darisami Group

  • Expertise: 20+ years of investment banking and corporate finance experience

  • Education: BSE – Biomedical and Electrical Engr.; Chemistry (Duke University)

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Joy Hinton, Esq.

General Counsel

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  • Experience: Former Senior Corporate Counsel for Electronics For Imaging, Inc.; Assistant General Counsel for Altria Corporate Services; Senior Associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell

  • Expertise: 30+ years of corporate and securities law experience

  • Education: AB (Harvard College); JD (Tulane Law School)

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