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Our Company

Trocar Pharma is a life sciences platform focused on the creation, development and commercialization of novel, industry-defining small molecule therapeutics that specifically aim to counter critical threats to global public health.  Trocar Pharma has several patented small molecule therapeutics. Our unique targeting mechanism allows for the investigations in diseases of the lung, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and heart. 

Trocar Pharma's radiation countermeasure therapeutics are the immediate focus of the Company's drug development strategy in light of the successful results from our in vivo and in vitro preclinical trials, strong third-party interest in our radiation mitigation compounds and the potential speed to commercialization. One of Trocar Pharma's lead radiation mitigation compounds is being investigated in two separate studies by NIAID and the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute.

Trocar Pharma's broader drug develop strategy is centered around Trocar's proprietary platform technologies that mitigate the cytokine storm and have supporting in-house or third-party research for the treatment of inter alia the following:    

  • Breast and ovarian cancer;

  • Chronic kidney disorders; and

  • Lung fibrosis.

In addition, Trocar Pharma's proprietary therapeutics also have the potential application for the mitigation of various emerging infectious diseases by mitigating the cytokine storm and boosting the response of the host.

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