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Ionizing Radiation: The Dire Need for a Therapeutic

Increasing global risks of nuclear and radiological accidents or terrorism continue to challenge national and global security

There is an urgent requirement for radiation countermeasures for clinically significant ionizing radiation exposure1 in the case of:

  • Nuclear accidents (Fukoshima)

  • Deep space travel (Space Force, SpaceX)

  • Medical procedures

  • Terrorism


The first cause of death in survivors of ionizing radiation exposure is gastrointestinal acute radiation syndrome (GI ARS)

Trocar Pharma’s YK-4-250 has demonstrated during in vivo preclinical trials that is able to mitigate GI ARS even at extremely high levels of radiation exposure


Bone marrow: Toxicity to lymphocytes (a few days), granulocytes (≈1-2 weeks) and platelets (≈2-3 weeks)

Chronic Lung Fibrosis (≈180 days)

GI ARS (≈9-14 days)

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